All About the Nike Blazer Low ’77 (2024)

Imagine yourself playing a game of pickup basketball with your friends. One of them leaves to go grab a pair of shoes, only to return with a pair of Nike Blazer Low ’77s. You may be confused because Nike Blazers aren’t usually used as basketball sneakers in modern day. However, flash back to 1973, and you’ve got one of the earliest versions of a basketball shoe in existence.

Nike Blazers are one of Nike’s most popular and well-known shoes, along with the Air Jordan that came around much later in 1985. Keep on reading as we take a step into the timeline of the Nike Blazer Low ’77s, how they got their famous name, different styles of the Blazer, and where you can snag a pair of these legendary sneakers.

Before we discuss how the modern Blazer Low ’77 came to be, it’s appropriate that we talk about how the Blazer shoe got its famous name.

Back in the 1970s, basketball was just starting to be on the rise and gain traction in the United States. A local basketball team at the time, the Portland Trail Blazers, were really hitting it off and becoming well known in the basketball scene. And as budding as Nike was at the time as well, it was fitting to name one of the first classic basketball shoes after the evolving basketball team.

The Nike Blazer really became popular when professional player George “The Iceman” Gervin began to wear the shoe in his games after being sponsored by Nike. Originally wearing Adidas basketball shoes, Gervin received a pair of the blazers and instantly fell in love with the design and the quality, and never looked back.

Thus, the Nike Blazer Low 77 was born.

The return of the blazer in recent years has every sneakerhead gaining an appreciation for the classic shoe. The Nike Blazer Low ’77 was released recently, relative to a rich history of the blazer sneaker. So, what does the timeline of the Blazer Low ’77 look like? Hopefully this timeline will help you gain a better idea of just how the classic shoe expanded since its original debut in 1973.

Table of contents

  1. The First Blazer Was Released in 1973
  2. Blazers Were Saved by Skaters
  3. Nike’s Collab With Futura 2000
  4. The Supreme X Nike Blazer of 2006
  5. Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” Blazer Release of 2017
  6. The Release of the Nike Blazer Low ’77
  7. Nike Blazer Low ’77
  8. Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo
  9. Nike Blazer Low ’77 Vintage Be True
  10. Nike Blazer Low ’77 By You

The First Blazer Was Released in 1973

Sponsored by George Gervin, the first official Nike Blazer was released in 1973. The first style included the classic Nike swoosh on either side, with rubber sole traction. The rest of the Blazer was made with suede or leather all around the outside. Two main colorways were released in 1973. A white base with a black Nike swoosh, and a black base with a white Nike swoosh on each side.

Blazers Were Saved by Skaters

In the years following the first Nike Blazer, there were many other styles of Nike shoes released such as the Air Jordan and the Dunk. These styles, unfortunately, stole the spotlight away from the Nike Blazer and almost made the blazer go extinct. However, an unlikely population of people took notice of the Blazer in the early 2000s, purely because of the materials it was made out of and its style.

Skateboarders gravitated towards the blazer, and in 2005, Nike released the first Nike Blazer SB designed specifically for skateboarding. The low cut padded collar and Zoom Air cushion technology seemingly revamped the world’s love for the Blazer. The Nike Blazer SB became even more widespread when Nike reached out to professional skater Lance Mountain, who was willing to promote it.

Nike’s Collab With Futura 2000

Soon after the skateboarding industry discovered its love for the Nike Blazer, so did the art and graffiti world. Popular and world renowned graffiti artist Futura 2000 is known for his unique and abstract graffiti style and has collaborated with many other big name brands in order to produce unique pieces that painted a lifelong lasting impression on society.

One of these famous collaborations is with Nike. In addition to the Blazer, Futura created his own rendition on the Nike Dunk and even Air Jordans. The colorway of the Blazer ‘Futura’ is really unique. It is made out of suede material. Black suede covers most of the side paneling, making the illusion of a blank canvas stand out. The Nike swoosh and portions of the upper and tongue are covered in a mustard yellow color, with portions of the mudguard a dark green color.

This legendary Blazer seemingly set the future for more collaborations that Nike could incorporate into their Blazer line.

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The Supreme X Nike Blazer of 2006

The Supreme X Nike Blazer released in 2006 is one of the most iconic collaborations that Nike has for its Blazer sneaker. Supreme is a popular luxury brand rooted in skateboarding, and Nike jumped at the opportunity when Supreme accepted a collaboration proposal from them. This collaboration had 3 different sneakers released, with red, black, and white colors. The Nike swoosh was made out of snakeskin material, with golden D-rings on the back.

This collection was so iconic and outright supreme that Nike sold each pair at $180 apiece when it was released. One of the most sought after collections out there, worn pairs have sold for more than $1,000. You’d be extremely lucky if you found unworn pairs, and those would have you shelling out even more money, as they are wanted by people in both the sneaker community as well as Supreme enthusiasts.

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Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” Blazer Release of 2017

Virgil Abloh was the creative director and designer that worked in the fashion industry from 2009 until his death in 2021. He reinvented the classic streetwear look into a more deconstructive yet sophisticated style that also screams luxury. Abloh collaborated with and worked for many giants in the fashion and creative industry until 2017, when Nike reached out to him for a collaboration.

Nike sneakers weren’t the first sneakers he revamped with his signature looks. He also designed a pair of the classic chuck taylor sneaker. With respect to Nike shoes he designed, his collection named “The Ten” speaks to 10 different styles of Nike shoes that he made, one of which included the Off-White Blazer.

The Off-White Blazer featured a large black Nike swoosh on the side that continues up to the heel, with white details throughout the rest of the sneaker. To capture his style specifically, the shoelaces featured his signature ‘Shoelaces’ branding as well as the inclusion of a red tag on the left shoe in the pair.

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The Release of the Nike Blazer Low ’77

There are many different styles of the Nike Blazer Low ’77, which were released starting in 2020. This pair of sneakers is one in Nike’s Blazer line that pays homage to heritage b-ball looks, by utilizing a design that is a complete throwback to the original 1973 Nike Blazer.

The first Blazer Low ’77 featured the classic leather white base on the upper, heel, and tongue, with a white rubber sole. The classic black Nike swoosh extends to the beginning of the heel of the sneaker, with a big “Nike” in black letting on the heel as well. The shoelaces are white, too, which really captures the look of the first Nike Blazer. When fans saw the release of a rendition of the original Nike Blazer, they went wild and could not wait for there to be releases of the sneaker.

This is one of Nike’s most popular Blazer styles to date, and it sure doesn’t look like Nike is slowing down production anytime soon. Let’s take a look at some of the current pairs that exist out there on the market today.

There are tons of different styles of the Nike Blazer in addition to the Low ’77. Take a look at some of the – models of this sneaker!

*Note: This is just what Nike has listed currently for retail sale. We chose current models/styles because there are hundreds that have been made previously!*

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Men's Blazer Low '77 Vintage Shoes


by Nike

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12/11/2023 09:35 am GMT

Nike Blazer Low ’77

This redone rendition of the first classic Nike Blazer Low originally came in two colorways, which we’ll focus on here. The overall design of the sneaker resembles that exactly of one of the original pairs of basketball sneakers, incorporating the classic Blazer silhouette everyone came to know and love.

The first colorway features a crisp leather base that is white in color, with white laces, a white sole, and white details on the tongue and fabric inside. The Nike swoosh and Nike logo on the heel are a rich black color. The second colorway features crisp leather in the color black, which covers the upper of the shoe. White details can be found on the midsole, sole, Nike swoosh, the heel, and the shoe laces.

These two original colorways of the Blazer Low ’77 retailed for just $85, making it a more affordable option of sneaker for those on a budget or looking to start their collection.

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Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo

The Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo gets its name from the jumbo Nike swoosh embossed on each side of the shoe. The swoosh starts on the midsole and expands almost to the laces, and all the way back to the heel. The other qualities of the Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo resemble that of a traditional Nike Blazer Low sneaker, and was released in three original colorways for the Low design.

The first colorway was the ‘Sail’ color. The Nike swoosh on this colorway is black in color, and more black details can be seen in the stitching on the toe cap of the shoe as well as the Nike logo on the tongue and heel. The upper and laces of the sneaker are crisp white leather, with a soft suede heel and toe cap.

The ‘Pink Oxford’ Colorway features a white leather base, with white shoelaces, a white tongue, and soft suede toe cap, exactly like with the first colorway. The pink comes in a darker hue on the heel of the shoe, with a light pink jumbo Nike swoosh.

The last colorway, named ‘Alpha Orange’ is laid out the same as the other two colorways, with a white leather base and soft suede toe cap. The orange dominates the jumbo Nike swoosh and can be seen in detail on the shoelaces as well.

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Nike Blazer Low ’77 Vintage Be True

Nike’s Be True line of footwear was released in 2021 during Pride Month in June. The Nike Blazer Low ’77 is part of that collection and definitely did not disappoint. While wanting to support the LGBTQIA+ community as well as release some tasteful sneakers, Nike did a great job with the design. They were able to keep the classic look of the Low ’77 while also incorporating Pride themes that make the sneaker a great option for those who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or those who want to support it.

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Men's Blazer Low '77 Vintage Shoes


by Nike

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The base of the Be True shoe is made out of the classic white leather just like the other Blazer Lows, with touches of grey suede throughout. Nike wanted to add touches to many representations within the LGBTQIA+ community and found a way to be inclusive of the lesbian, transgender, intersex, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, gender queer, agender, and progressive communities. The sneaker has pink soles with the Nike swoosh that includes the main colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag.

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Nike Blazer Low ’77 By You

The Nike Blazer Low ’77 By You is one of the most innovative sneakers that Nike has ever released. A simple yet sophisticated look, Nike wanted to honor creativity and the artist within everyone while still keeping the original hoops look intact. This blazer is one that is customizable, with 14 different presets of color combinations, from which you can customize to be truly By You.

There are many different customizable options for this sneaker, including the upper, mudguard, eyestay, swoosh, backtab, tongue, laces, midsole, and outsole. The way it works is you first choose the preset you want to customize. Then Nike takes you through each part of the sneaker and lets you choose different colors. After choosing different colors for each sneaker part, you select your size, place the order, and wait for the sneaker to get to you, which Nike says should only take around 4 weeks.

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There are many places where you can get your hands (or your feet) on a pair of the Nike Blazer Low ’77. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Nike’s Ecommerce Website: Nike’s website is the place to go in order to see fresh releases and all the current, in-style colorways of the Low ’77. You can also visit Nike’s website in order to customize your pair of the By You sneaker, which is the only place you can get that pair, because of how customizable it is. However, if you’re looking to purchase a style of the Blazers that are already out of season or out of stock, you may want to look at another one of these places we’ve listed for those.
  2. Amazon: You can get virtually anything on Amazon, including Nike Blazer sneakers. You may also be able to catch pairs for a price that is lower than Nike’s website, but make sure to beware of potential scams. Always read the reviews before purchasing anything from a source other than Nike’s website, and if you suspect a scam, it may be better to not make a purchase from that seller. You can get some great kicks from Amazon though, which is why Amazon made our go-to sneaker buying list.
  3. StockX: StockX is one of the premier places for purchasing the Nike Blazer Low ’77, for both in-style and sold out pairs. If there’s a rare pare of the Low that you’ve been keeping your eye out for, StockX is a good place to keep an eye out for. StockX also ensures that the sneaker you purchase is a genuine Nike sneaker, so there’s no need to worry about fake models that plague the sneaker industry.
  4. Foot Locker: Last but definitely not least, Foot Locker is a place to go for many different types of shoes, including the Blazer Low ’77. You also have the option to sign up for the Foot Locker rewards program, which can earn you points towards exclusive items for every $1 you spent.

From the rich history to the many different styles of the sneaker, the Blazer Low ’77 is a true icon in the sneaker history. Nike has done a great job at appealing to the different audiences that use the shoe, from skateboarders, to artists, to basketball players and beyond. This sneaker is one that is bound to stick around for years to come.

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History of the Nike Blazer Low '77s

The Nike Blazer Low '77s have a rich history that dates back to 1973. The first official Nike Blazer was released in 1973 and was sponsored by professional basketball player George Gervin The original Blazer featured the classic Nike swoosh on both sides, rubber sole traction, and a suede or leather upper in two main colorways: white with a black swoosh and black with a white swoosh.

Blazers Saved by Skaters

After the initial release, the Nike Blazer faced competition from other Nike shoe styles like the Air Jordan and the Dunk, which stole the spotlight. However, in the early 2000s, skateboarders started gravitating towards the Blazer due to its materials and style. In 2005, Nike released the Nike Blazer SB, a version designed specifically for skateboarding, featuring a low-cut padded collar and Zoom Air cushion technology .

Nike's Collaborations and Special Releases

Over the years, the Nike Blazer Low '77s have seen collaborations and special releases with various artists and brands. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Nike's Collaboration with Futura 2000: Graffiti artist Futura 2000 collaborated with Nike to create unique versions of the Blazer, as well as the Nike Dunk and Air Jordans. The Blazer 'Futura' colorway features black suede with a mustard yellow Nike swoosh.

  2. Supreme X Nike Blazer: In 2006, Nike collaborated with Supreme, a luxury brand rooted in skateboarding, to release three iconic Nike Blazer sneakers in red, black, and white colorways. The collaboration featured snakeskin material on the Nike swoosh and golden D-rings on the back.

  3. Virgil Abloh's "The Ten" Blazer Release: Virgil Abloh, a renowned fashion designer, collaborated with Nike on "The Ten" collection, which included a unique Off-White Blazer. The Off-White Blazer featured a large black Nike swoosh, white details, and Abloh's signature branding on the shoelaces.

Nike Blazer Low '77 Styles

The Nike Blazer Low '77s have seen various styles and colorways released in recent years. Here are a few examples:

  1. Nike Blazer Low '77: The modern rendition of the classic Nike Blazer Low features a white leather base, black Nike swoosh, and a white rubber sole. It pays homage to the original 1973 Blazer design.

  2. Nike Blazer Low '77 Jumbo: The Nike Blazer Low '77 Jumbo stands out with its jumbo Nike swoosh embossed on each side of the shoe. It comes in different colorways, such as 'Sail,' 'Pink Oxford,' and 'Alpha Orange'.

  3. Nike Blazer Low '77 Vintage Be True: As part of Nike's Be True collection released during Pride Month in June 2021, the Nike Blazer Low '77 Vintage Be True features a white leather base with touches of grey suede and incorporates Pride themes, including the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag.

  4. Nike Blazer Low '77 By You: The Nike Blazer Low '77 By You is a customizable sneaker that allows you to choose from 14 different presets of color combinations for various parts of the shoe, including the upper, swoosh, and laces. It offers a personalized touch to the classic Blazer design.

Where to Purchase Nike Blazer Low '77s

If you're interested in purchasing a pair of Nike Blazer Low '77s, here are a few places where you can find them:

  1. Nike's Ecommerce Website: Nike's official website is a great place to explore fresh releases, in-style colorways, and even customize your own pair through the Nike By You program.

  2. Amazon: Amazon offers a wide range of Nike Blazer sneakers, including the Blazer Low '77. However, it's important to read reviews and be cautious of potential scams when purchasing from third-party sellers.

  3. StockX: StockX is a popular online marketplace for sneakers, including the Nike Blazer Low '77. It offers both in-style and sold-out pairs, and ensures the authenticity of the sneakers.

  4. Foot Locker: Foot Locker is a well-known retailer that carries a variety of shoes, including the Nike Blazer Low '77. They also offer a rewards program for additional benefits.

Remember to check the availability and pricing of specific styles and colorways on these platforms.

The Nike Blazer Low '77s have become an iconic sneaker with a diverse range of styles and collaborations. Whether you're a basketball player, skateboarder, artist, or sneaker enthusiast, the Blazer Low '77s offer a classic and stylish option.

All About the Nike Blazer Low ’77 (2024)


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