39 Things To Love About Life - Career Girl Meets... (2024)

By Danielle Nieman

Check out this simple list of things to LOVE about life. You may be surprised to learn that some of them are completely free.

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There are so many things to love about life, but sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the simple things that almost seem to happen, like clockwork. Making a list of positive aspects is a great way to appreciate and expect more positivity to unfold and hopefully soften negative momentum.

When you take a step back and look at how many beautiful things happen in just one day of your life, you may feel inspired to live more present in the moment. The list below is one I’ve created about my own life, and I hope it will ignite some ideas for your list. Many of these things are simple, and some are free.

When you’re having an off day, pull out your list to remind yourself of all the things that are still going right. It doesn’t have to be a long list, and it’s something you could continue to add to each day if you choose.

Lucille Ball once said, “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.” So if the “I Love Lucy” star is correct, the same would hold true for loving your life.

39 Things To Love About Life

“Life is so ephemeral. So think better, think deeply, think with kindness, and write it with love so that it may live a little longer.” – Debasish Mridha

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What Are 100 Things I Love?

This is a question for YOU. Now, I’m not saying you must come up with 100 things to love about life on the spot. Take your time, of course, because you want your list to feel genuine.

Remember, this list will pull you out of a rut on a not-so-good day. It will remind you of how great life is and what YOU love about your life.

What Are Common Things People Love?

Are you curious yet? Check out my list below of 39 things I love about my life. Some may sound so basic and common, but the feeling I get in my heart when I read this list is pure, unconditional love for those unique aspects and moments in my life.

39 Things To Love About Life - Career Girl Meets... (3)

1. Yoga – In 2020, I ditched my in-studio membership, and now I’m obsessed with Travis Eliot on Youtube!

2. Cooking – And sharing it with other people.

3. Playing with my 4-year-old niece – We play restaurant and Peppa Pig. British accents and all!

4. Catalina Island – My family and I spent so much time here during the summer months on our boat, Mystic Lady. I feel so much nostalgia and love for every corner of Avalon when I go back to visit.

5. My dog, Bob – He’s the coolest 6-pound Yorkie you’ll ever meet.

6. My Mom – No one will love you like your mom.

7. Swimming – It always takes me right back to being a kid in the Summer.

8. Reading An Excellent Book – When you connect with a great book, you feel it deep inside your soul. Queen Bee was the last novel to hit me like that.

9. Watermelon – It reminds me of my grandma and her love.

10. Christmas Eve – The anticipation, of course! And the lobster and champagne dinner I now enjoy as an adult.

11. Going To The Movies – The movie theater can take me to another place for a few hours and help me gain a new perspective on a situation.

12. Walking In Nature – Helps me to let go of the things I can’t control.

13. Halloween – The one season you can literally become anything.

14. Writing – It’s an opportunity to connect with others in unexpected ways.

15. The Beach – For so many reasons.

16. Music – The right song gives me life!

17. Quiet Time – It’s a way to connect with my feelings as long as I can stay out of my head. Overthinking kills everything beautiful.

18. Candles – Gazing at a candle flame is a great form of meditation and surprisingly helps you regain focus, even for just a few minutes.

19. Ice Cream – An opportunity to connect with my inner child.

20. Chatting With A Good Friend – The right friend can make you laugh and help you forget about something bothering you.

21. A Glass Of Red Wine – Sipping on a GOOD glass of red allows me to slow down and appreciate all the beautiful little things.

22. Traveling – An opportunity to try something new.

23. Laughing – It feels so damn GOOD.

24. Focusing On The Journey, NOT The Destination – We often think, “Once I get over there, I’ll feel satisfied, accomplished, and really happy.” But somehow, you’ve got to feel those feelings along the way to your destination, or you stop living your life essentially because there will always be another goal, need, or want around the corner.

25. Fall – I will always love the idea of Fall weather, but because I live in Southern California, it could easily be 90 degrees on any given day in October.

26. Sundays – Even though Monday follows, I love how slow and cozy this day of the week feels.

27. Coffee – The best part of waking up.

28. Comfort FoodSheet Pan Cookie Bars will make any day better.

29. SunshineVitamin D cures all.

30. Pleasant Surprises – The positive ones, of course.

31. Christmas Tree Lights – I love staring at my Christmas tree at night. The lights make me feel like magic exists.

32. Giving – Nothing feels better than the anticipation of giving someone something you know they need or want.

33. Cheeseburgers – Because they’re so GOOD.

34. Taking Pictures – Where a moment becomes a lasting memory. Since my niece was born, I have started documenting her life as much as possible. I hope someday she can look back at all the memories she was too young to remember.

35. Saturday Night Pizza – For as far back as I can remember, my dad has always made homemade pizza on Saturday night. And he makes the BEST.

36. Bomb-Ass Margaritas – My recipe for a perfect Saturday is chilling in the pool with a bomb-ass margarita in hand. And maybe some guac and chips too!

37. Walking Through Target And HomeGoods – I feel like I could spend almost all day doing this. Almost.

38. Christmas Music – I will FOREVER remember my little brother and me dancing to “A Very Special Christmas.” It was 1992, and our Christmas break had just begun. He was five, and I was nine.

39. The Sound Of Rain Outside My Bedroom Window – Priceless.

FAQs & Tips

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What Are The Things You Love Most?

If you’re having trouble coming up with your list of “things to love,” start by looking at what you love about your daily routine. Simple things and tasks seem to ignite comfort inside of us, and that alone is a wonderful feeling.

How Much Love Do You Have For Yourself?

There is no possible way to measure love for yourself or others, but if you’re taking the time to write a “things to love” list, I would say you’re doing pretty good! Appreciation is key.

What Are Random Things People Love?

Random things people love can be mundane and straightforward. So, no judging!

The Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself And Others No Matter What

Because we all process and think differently, there will be many times throughout your life when someone gets on your nerves. It’s just part of being human.

But try to shine a light on their good qualities instead of picking on the negative ones. Remember, none of us are perfect. Loving yourself or others isn’t about perfection.

What Are Things To Love About Someone Else?

Write a list of the qualities you love about them. If you don’t “love” them, you can still write down positive aspects about them. Doing this can really ease and deflect those things you don’t like/love about them.

What Can You Love About Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Or Spouse?

If they’re currently getting on your nerves, then it’s time to list the qualities you LOVE most about them. Writing this list will guide you to a sane place when your relationship isn’t going in the right direction.

What Are The Most Important Things To Love About Life?

Only YOU can figure this one out. But hopefully, this article gets you on the right track.

Final Thoughts

39 Things To Love About Life - Career Girl Meets... (5)

I hope you enjoyed reading this “39 Things To Love About Life” article. If it feels silly or pointless at first, I can almost guarantee that you won’t feel that way once you get into writing your list.

Remember, this is your life, and it goes so fast, so why not take some time to write about the things you love most about it? You can follow career girl meets… onPinterest,Instagram,Twitter, andFacebookfor more home decorideas,recipes, andgift guides.

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39 Things To Love About Life - Career Girl Meets... (2024)


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